The idea behind Q is simple: to bring the beauty, natural acoustic properties and inherent renewability of wood to wherever you and your mobile device wander.

Our Story

Refined / Our devices have become extensions of our personalities and how we express ourselves, and we keep them with us all the time. This insight is the basis of Vers’ entire design process – from aesthetics of form and materials, to the highly intuitive user-experience and overall function.

Renewable / While the design and performance of wood are obvious, it’s how it actually improves with age that generates our lasting relationship with it. Wood is sustainable by nature, making the Q one less disposable product, and one more possession to cherish. And when it has lived out the full extent of its long life, it will serve a new purpose as you recycle it.

Sound / Our sound systems are designed to deliver a clean, natural sound that only wood, with its amazing acoustic properties, can deliver. In a world filled with highly processed, digitized and compressed music, Vers’ natural sound is a refreshing difference.

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