We are a design and innovation consulting firm delivering human-focused solutions with global impact.

Our Story

RKS was founded by Ravi Sawhney in 1980 following a multi-year stint at Xerox immersing himself in Human Centered Design and Innovation while developing the first generation touch screen. In its first decade, the firm established its mission of understanding humanity in the pursuit of advancing business and society.

One of RKS’ first successes came soon after the founding in the development of the production design of the animated Teddy Ruxpin, one of the greatest disruptive success stories in the history of toys.

Together, we ensure our team is made up of talented researchers, strategists, designers and engineers dedicated to providing expertise to make sure our clients reach their goals.

Now in 2015, RKS has earned hundreds of awards and achieved global recognition by being able to help companies emerge with meaningful and disruptive design and innovation in any category. The team has evolved and emerged as being a unique hybrid of diversity and talents. Engagements have evolved from innovating for an opportunity to identifying new opportunities through thousands of face to face interactions with audiences globally, expanding clients abilities to leverage design thinking and market themselves globally. Research has become extremely valuable from identifying people's needs and aspirations to developing highly product creative emersion sessions in which clients simultaneously learn about the RKS way of design thinking and can innovate within a team environment.

Scott Clear giving an introduction for The Making of Meaning conference

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