Sep 05, 2017 34

Rani Jarkas - Importance of Biotechnology in Today’s World

Biotechnology is a technology which is based on biology. It’s been playing a very crucial role in improving human life.

Rani Jarkas, Chairman of Cedrus Investments, a global boutique investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong, considers it strange to know that most of the educated people (irrespective of the gender) do not have a clue with respect to the significance of biotechnology in every aspect of the society, although it seems to be as clear as crystal that the technological value has predicted for long for motivating the forthcoming generations.

The world we live in has been suffering to a greater extent for many years now. This has lead to several problems for humanity when it comes to enormous use of natural resources. The energy we have been cleaning out from these resources is declining. It now lies at risk critically for future use. That’s not all! Even sudden changes to the environment brought catastrophes and calamities that leave marks for a lifetime.

It’s for sure that human existence as well as survival in the upcoming days will have their effect on the growth and improvement of biotechnology rapidly.

Here are some sub-fields of biotechnology:

1.Red biotechnology - This biotechnology is applied to medical processes. Some examples of this sub-field include designing of organisms for producing antibiotics and the engineering of genetic cures to diagnosis and treat ailment through genomic manipulation.

2.Blue biotechnology - This term is used for depicting the marine and aquatic applications of biotechnology.

3.White biotechnology - Also called grey biotechnology, it’s applied to industrial processes. An example of white biotechnology can be the designing of an organism for the purpose of producing a useful chemical.

Well, there have been some advancements due to which the importance of biotechnology has been given a new dimension.

Biotechnology is a field in biology that’s widely used in medicine, science and technology, engineering, agriculture, and not to mention, other forms of applications. In fact, biotechnology can be the best solution to all the struggles faced by human race.

Rani Jarkas acknowledges the fact that there’s a wide variety of microorganisms are now being used as tools in biotechnology. All to produce beneficial products or services. Even raw materials can be converted to useful finished products by chemical processes and biological means as well.