Clever, eclectic, always well-made, Onehundred designs and produces everything within 100 miles of Boston, launched first with our crowd-funding friends

Our Story

Can you still make things in New England?

The Onehundred project began as a simple question - is it possible to make things here in our own neighborhood ...without having to take a trip halfway around the world? After a bit of determined hunting and following up on dozens of tips, we eventually gathered together an impressive mix of truly unique manufacturing talent - from eager startups to 100+ year old factories.

Referring to the round-trip circle that we could easily travel in a day, the 'Onehundred' project name stuck. Our self-imposed 100 mile rule assures that we are able to work hands-on with all of our manufacturing partners, deeply understanding their capabilities and actively playing a role in the entire process, from start to finish.

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