Jun 23, 2017 22

Share my content

Sharing content on your social pages

Once you've posted your content, a sharing panel will pop up on the right hand side of your screen:

Select which social networks you want to post to simply by clicking on the desired logo/s.

  • Note: you can share to more than one page at once. 
Enter captions for your posts before sharing.

Click Share on the bottom right of the page to confirm the shared posts.

Sharing via embed code

Click on Copy Embed Code to grab the embed code you will then paste into your CMS or wherever you would like to content to appear.

To edit the embed options, select the options link to the right of the embed code.

On the customization page, select the features you want to enable and de-select the features you want to disable. 

When you're finished, click Copy Embed Code to grab the embed code with your customization changes.