Jun 14 19

How to add a grid to your story

Add A Grid 

You can add a grid by clicking on the grid icon or by adding photos and objects to an existing image or object already in the story from the plus icon.

Once you have the grid setup, you can add photos or other objects like textboxes and products to it. 

You can change the layout of the grid by adding, deleting or replacing objects, making the grid full bleed etc, with the same tools as demonstrated in the adding images help page.

Customize the Grid

To change the settings of your grid, hover over the grid to view the grid panel options.

Move through the slideshow to see the different grid options.

Click on the plus signs to read more about the each action.

Grid Options

Hovering a grid will also make the options bar in the top right corner of the grid appear.

If you have images in the grid, you'll see the same image options as described in How to add images to your story, such as Replace with another image, Delete, and More options, but with one grid-specific addition: Pin to top.

To pin any object (photo, video, text box, product etc) in your grid to the top of your grid, simply select the Star icon in the top right options menu.

Adjust the Grid

You can also adjust the layout of your autogrid by clicking and dragging on the grid gutters.

To crop an image in your grid, see the page Cropping an Image in Autogrid.

More Options in Grid

Selecting the three dots on the far right of the image in your grid will offer a familiar panel of More options :

However, in a grid you are not able to select Enable free transform from these options, as this feature is available in Advanced grid.