Launching a User-Generated Campaign

Getting your UGC Campaign started with Maker

After you've reviewed our UGC Best Practices doc and nailed down the campaign rules, timeline and narrative with your team, you can start the exciting steps of getting the physical campaign page live with Maker.

Creating the Campaign

  1. Create a new Maker story for the landing page of your campaign. Use strategic language and imagery to market your campaign's incentive.
  2. Create a 'Stories' collection in your Stories Manager. For a refresher on how to add and create collections, see this page
  3. Create the copy that will be used for 'Share Your Story' instructions in the pop-up modal -> see video below. Then, send that final copy to your Maker representative.
  4. Ask Maker for your 'Share Your Story' CTA link.
Create the copy used for the 'Share Your Story' instructions.

Embed the Campaign

Once your landing page is ready, embed it onto the desired container of your site as usual. 
In the embed code options, select "Show Related" and then select the recently created 'Stories' collection and 'Show Share Your Story'. Then, customize the copy in the 'Change your header text.' For a refresher on customizing embed options, visit this page. 

Source Starter Stories

Before going live with your campaign, we suggest sourcing some starter UGC stories from your community so that the shared collection is never empty. 
For more insight on how to do this, revisit the influencer section of our UGC Best Practices doc, or feel free reach out directly to your Maker representative.