Jun 14 15

Add overlay text

Add overlay text to an image or product

Click more options in the top right menu bar in the corner of your image or product.

Select Add overlay text from the dropdown menu.

Type directly into the overlay to add text.

To adjust the font, color, size etc., highlight the text to open the font settings as explained here.

Moving Overlay Text

There are two options for moving overlay text: 

  1.  In single image
  2.  In advanced grid

In single image

In order to move the overlay text around a single image, make sure it's not in a grid and then enable free transform

After selecting Free transform, click Add overlay text from the more options menu.

With free transform enabled first, you will see a dotted box around the overlay text.

This means you are able to move the overlay text freely around the image.

In advanced grid

To move the overlay text around an image in a grid, simply turn on the advanced grid to move the text within the image.