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Travel Packages Pulau Seribu Islands With Snorkeling and Diving

Pulau Seribu Island there are various islands that can be visited and also be able to stay on the island, all the islands have facilities available on the island and thousand island there are several islands that can not be snorkeling and diving as Pulau Ayer Island and Pulau Bidadari Island, while the island to snorkel such as the island Pulau Pantara Island, Pulau Pelangi Island, Pulau Putri Island, Pulau Sepa Island, Pulau Macan Island, Pulau Kotok Island, Pulau Pramuka Island, Pulau Tidung  Island, Pulau Pari Island, Pulau harapan Island and there are also islands of blank that can serve to snorkel like Pulau Dolphin Island, Pulau Gosong Island, Pulau Karang Athol Island.

Pulau Seribu Islands travel Snorkeling, Diving, Beach and facilities. Many tourists from different countries come to the Pulau Seribu Islands to enjoy a holiday together with coworkers, friends, family, company or alone. Tourism Snorkeling and Diving in Pulau Seribu give nuance to the beauty of the coral reefs that live in the waters of the Thousand Islands, the life of coral reefs many fish populations that live in the waters to the archipelago thousand, coral reefs still awake so that tourists can see a variety of coral reefs live in the Thousand Islands.

Pulau Seribu Island have each facility every island, amenities on the island of a thousand like: Tools Snorkeling and Diving, Undersea Tunnel Aquarium, Glass Bottom Boat, Waterboom, and Sunset Cruise. Thousand Island has a play area for children and games for children. Watersport (Jetski, Banana boat, Donut Boat, Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving) Fishing, Beach Volleyball, Futsal, Swimming pool, Table tennis, Basketball, volleyball court, tennis courts, cycling, and so forth.