Sep 27, 2016 160

Pulau Seribu - Thousand Islands Holiday Fun

Pulau Seribu, Thousand Islands become a tourist spot jakarta most pleasant in comparison Jakarta other vacation spots, Thousand Island into a tourist favorite for foreign and local tourists for the panoramic beauty of the beach and the sea is so beautiful. Thousand Islands often made the show events for families, companies, honeymoon and wedding photos.

Thousand Islands has the travel is preferable Underwater rating, with snorkeling and diving tourists can see the beauty of Underwater nature. without snorkeling and diving, we can see the underwater beauty by seeing through the Tunnel Aquarium and Glass Bottom Boat is available at the Pulau Putri Island Princess, because the island has many amenities daughter.

Pulau Seribu Vacation to the Thousand Islands, tourists can see the Sunset Cruise with surround some of the Thousand Islands are closest island we singgahi for 1 hour trip by boat speed boat and also with a timber ship, the island can see the Sunset Cruise is the Pulau Putri, Island Princess and Pulau Pantara Island because only the island which can facilitate the sunset cruise, sunset cruise to see the tourists can see it at 5:00 pm only on the weekend and there Group from a company to be able to see the sunset cruise.