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Pulau Seribu Islands Jakarta

Pulau Seribu Island Snorkeling and diving area jakarta travel frequently visit foreign and local tourists, travel a thousand islands used as a gathering place for family, friends and co-workers to share the fun with chatting with each other and share with each other. vacation to travel a thousand island fun with snorkeling, diving, playing with sand on the beach, playing watersport, swimming in the sea and in the pool or playing Water boom in the Kepulauan Seribu Islands region.

Pulau Seribu Island has some of the Island Resorts and island residents who frequent the visit of foreign tourists, Resort Island such as: Ayer Island, Pulau Bidadari Island, Pulau Sepa Island, Pulau Pantara Island, Pulau Putri Island, Pulau Pelangi Island, Pulau Macan Island, Pulau Kotok Island and Pulau Bira Island. Pulau Seribu Islands to Island residents, namely: Pulau Pari Island, Pulau Tidung ISland, Pulau Pramuka Island, Pulau Harapan Island, Pulau Kelapa Island, Pulau Untung Jawa Island, Etc. The Thousand Islands are often made in a meeting in a large family and a company that wants to hold an event official and unofficial. The event, which is often done as an event: Outing, Outbound, Family Gathering, Meeting and also only free event can be done at the Thousand Islands with snorkeling swim in the pool and in the sea or playing Watersport and can also play football on the beach or play a game of volleyball beaches and many more activities that can be done in the Kepulauan Seribu Islands.

Pulau Seribu Island there are various facilities have been provided each each island, amenities available on thousand island include: Snorkeling and Diving Equipment, Undersea Tunnel Aquarium, Glass Bottom Boat, Waterboom, and Sunset Cruise. Thousand Island has a play area for children and games for children. Watersport (Jetski, Banana boat, Donut Boat, Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving) Fishing, Beach Volleyball, Futsal, Swimming pool, Table tennis, Basketball, volleyball court, tennis courts, cycling, and so forth.