Oct 19, 2016 130

Pulau Sepa Island Resort Kepulauan Seribu Island

Pulau Sepa Island Resort Jakarta Thousand Islands Tourism has panoramic beauty of natural and memorable travel, Pulau Sepa island tourist Worldwide tourists often visit to enjoy the beaches and naval. Snorkeling and Diving tours are often done on the island of Sepa with the activity holiday on the island of Sepa becomes more meaningful and add insight in the underwater world in Sepa.

Pulau Sepa Island Thousand Island Tourism has amenities such as: Cottage woven bamboo and also permanent, Restaurant, Karaoke, Play Ground, Banana Boat, Diving and Snorkeling Rental, Fishing, Wake Board, Canoe and Jetsky. Pulau Sepa Island Snorkeling tourists can in some island y ang not far from uninteresting island by renting a boat traditional boat for approximately Rp. 175,000 for 1 hour, Tourists can see the beauty of a variety of coral reefs in the island on the go such as: Pulau Karang Athol Island, Pulau Dolphin Island, Pulau Gosong Island.