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Kepulauan Seribu Island Travel Pulau Seribu

Kepulauan Seribu Islands has the uniqueness of each island, some islands have beaches were clean and smooth in the interest of foreign and local tourists, Kepulauan Seribu Island became one of the most visited tourist travel abroad. Thousand Islands include: Pulau Ayer, Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Sepa, Pulau Pantara, Pulau Pelangi, Pulau Putri, Pulau Bira, Pulau Macan, Pulau Kotok, Pulau Pramuka, Pulau Tidung, Pulau Pari, Pulau Harapan, Pulau Kelapa, Etc.

Kepulauan Seribu Islands Resort and Island residents has a beautiful assortment of coral reefs that adorn the Thousand Islands, Among all the islands are still many coral reefs are alive because in the case of nature conservation under the sea, and the sea and the clean white sand at each islands Thousand Islands. Thousand Island has several water sport facilities and also has a tool Snorkeling and Diving so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of underwater nature such as coral reefs and marine animals that exist in the Thousand Islands.

Thousand Island itself has a wide range of amenities that is given to draw the attention of the travelers. As the Pulau Putri Island has Undersea Tuneel Aquarium, Glass Bottom Boat, Waterboom, Sunset Cruise and also has refining Freshwater, Pulau Sepa Island has The sloping beach and also Pulau Sepa has Captive Hawksbill Island Pulau Pantara have large cottages and many more amenities Island others that I can not write.

Outing, Outbound, Meeting, Family gatherings often held in Pulau Seribu, every company is always taking the time to employees to hold events in the Thousand Islands, to hold events in the Thousand Islands of the employees can be Fresh to work and give other atmosphere of sights in jakarta.