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Article New Years @ 2017 Pulau Seribu Island

Pulau Seribu Island will be flooded with tourists from abroad on the day of Christmas and year-end 2016 and welcome the beginning of the New Year 2017, many tourists come to the Pulau Seribu Islands by ordering Cottage and Home stay from far-away days to Christmas and New Year with toned Firecrackers Fireworks fire in the Early Years. Pulau Seribu Islands Tourism frequently in foreign and local tourists visit their vacation to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the sea and away from the noise due to the density of the capital city.

The Pulau Seribu Islands was every New Year's Eve will be enlivened by firecrackers fireworks to entertain the tourists who come to the island, waves, wind and wind gusts beach was a different atmosphere at the turn of the year in the Pulau Seribu Islands, tourists can see the installation of fireworks on the coast at the turn of the year-end will be very romantic atmosphere when we were on the island of a thousand it will be the beginning and end of a memorable time when we vacation in the island of a thousand at the time of celebrating the new year.

Christmas Day and night early New Year 2017 will be a lot of tourists vacation in the island of a thousand, some islands are often visited by foreign and local tourists, such as Package Island Resort include: Pulau Pantara, Pulau Putri, Pulau Sepa, Pulau Pelangi, Pulau Ayer, Pulau Macan, Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Kotok. And for Package on the island inhabitants, namely: Pulau Pari, Pulau Pramuka, Pulau Tidung, Pulau Harapan, Pulau Kelapa, Pulau Untung Jawa. All Island in the Thousand Islands will visit the tourists from abroad.

Facility located in the Pulau Seribu Islands have different facilities each Island beyond the facilities are generally located in the Thousand Islands include: Water sports (Jet skiing, Banana boat, Donut Boat, Waterbee, Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving) Fishing, Volleyball beach, play sand, swimming at the beach, sunbathing addition to the activity on the shore, has recreation facilities located in resorts, such as; Swimming Pool, Billiards, Table Tennis, Basketball, volleyball field, tennis courts, biking, and so forth. Lodging in Pulau Putri there Amenities: Waterboom, Tunnel Aquarium, Glass Bottom Boat, and also has a distillery Freshwater, so water consumption on the Island Princess feels fresh water does not taste salty again. Package New Year 2017 In Pulau Seribu Island.