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I’ve always made things, ever since I was little. My parents were always very encouraging when it came to supplying me with anything I needed to be creative. It just grew organically, as I have a lot of talented artists and builders in my family. I learned what I could from them, and always found someone to teach me what they could not. I’m still doing the same thing. In my opinion, I have a long way to go until I have the skills and knowledge to make that “favorite thing.” Either way, I’m enjoying the path that I’m on.

Typically the last thing I made is my favorite thing. Its important to me that I’m always challenged and growing as a builder and designer. I think I’ve made my favorite piece, then time goes by which makes me look at it in a more critical light. It’s not that I dislike the piece, I just think about all of the different things I could have done that I didn’t think of at the time. In the end, I tend to like a piece better if it gave me hell and I lost sleep while creating it. Those are the ones where I feel that I’ve learned something valuable.

My design process usually starts with caffeine and design magazines or blogs. If I really want to whip something up in my head, I go for a long drive. Once I get the overall shape down, I start building. I don’t sketch too much beforehand so I have the freedom to tweak as I go. Making is always fun because there are constant changes that can be made, and opportunity to make it better if you’re open to it. This is the reason things take me so much longer than I ever expect!

I strive to create pieces that don’t necessarily fall into a specific category. I try to incorporate as many eras, styles, colors, materials and textures as I can into my furniture. I hope that if I can avoid being placed into a category or genre, then my pieces will be timeless and not go out of style.

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