1. Set-Up Checklist

  • Schedule & attend my 30 min set-up with Maker
  • Is my Maker profile complete?
  • Is my billing info correct?
  • Do embed links work on my site?
  • Did I connect all of my desired sales channels?
  • Do my content & marketing personnel have their own Maker accounts?
  • Is my product catalog synced?

2.  UGC Campaign Checklist

  • Review UGC Best Practices doc

  • Set a defined goal and medium for the campaign (contest v. gallery, drive engagement v. social following etc)

  • Participate in UGC planning meeting with the Maker team and invite all appropriate team members

  • Choose name & duration for the campaign

  • Design a header image & copy for the campaign (keep copy precise and concise)

  • Select the information you need in your contest form like name, email, age, location etc (if applicable)

  • (Conditional) Select a campaign prize for incentive if running a contest

  • (If contest) Keep it legal by clearly stating the terms and conditions. Keep the rules and submission requirements simple, making it as easy as possible for your audience to participate.

  • Research and contact influencers and bloggers to help promote the campaign

  • Optimize your content for search

  • Create a link to the campaign on a landing page of your website

  • Add social share incentives

  • Plan promotion & marketing strategy

  • Promote across all appropriate social channels

  • Schedule several email campaigns in tandem with your campaign’s milestones (launch, halfway, winner announcements etc)

  •  Assign tasks & deadlines as needed pre and post launch

  •  Promote consistently throughout the campaign or contest

  • Schedule an ‘end of campaign’ announcement to publicize the engagement and/or contest winners

  • Measure campaign data and performance to inform any future campaigns

3. Custom Style Guide

  • Have a team member complete the style guide form to initiate a custom theme set-up with the team at Maker


  • If you're unsure about what theme setting to select or just want to play around in the editor first, use page settings to set the styles for each story.

4. Test & Optimize Your Content

  • Did I send Maker my GA Tracking ID?
  • Did I set-up cross-domain tracking?
    • Setting up cross-domain tracking
    • Setting up cross-domain tracking with Google Tag Manager
  • Did I test that cross-domain tracking is working?
    •  How to test cross domain tracking
  • Do I know how to use insights and metrics?
    • Using Insights & Metrics