Maker PDP Enhance Guide

You can easily add Maker to any eCommerce page with Enhance

In this guide, we will go over two important steps:

  1. How too add Enhance to your PDP container
  2. How to add a Maker story using Enhance

1. How to add Enhance to your JS container

If you need to add Enhance to the main template of your site, have an engineer from your team follow the instructions captured here before moving forward.

2. How to add a Maker story using Enhance

Once Enhance is added to the main template of your site, you can embed Maker stories directly from your product pages.

When you're signed into Maker and visit a product page on your site, you will see two small blue buttons appear at the start of the appropriate container with two options:

  • New Story - Create a new story to embed on the product page
  • Existing Story - Add an existing story from your Maker account to the product page

Select a new or existing story to add to the product page. 

If you choose to create a new story for the product page, you can keep the story in draft mode until you're ready to post it and add it to the product page.

If you choose to add an existing story, a modal will open with options from your Stories Manager. Select the desired story from the manager modal and it will immediately embed onto the product page. Access inline editing and embed customization via the Maker buttons on the top right of the container:

Click the EDIT button to make changes to the story