We created the inflatable tent The Cave to fulfill our vision of traveling: Embrace the difference, join the moment and make yourself at hom Thus.

Our Story

The journey of HEIMPLANET began in 2003 with the idea for a new tent concept that occurred during a surf trip in Portugal. In 2011 the first inflatable tent THE CAVE was launched. Since then, HEIMPLANET has presented a whole range of innovative tent designs alongside their Monolith luggage series, which focuses on a simple formula – a bag for every trip and everyday.

This formula is what the design and development at HEIMPLANET focuses on: we develop products that work in a great variety of surroundings and situations.

At HEIMPLANET we combine the best technical features available with a clean and simple design. The results are extremely versatile products that fit for every trip and everyday, wherever you go.

The idea of HEIMPLANET was the idea of an innovative tent design in the beginning. It was born during a surf trip along the Portuguese cost line in 2003. We traveled along the coast and therefore had to set up our tent several times. One day we arrived quite late on the spot where we wanted to stay that night, it was getting dark and it started to rain while we were trying to pitch our tent. That was when we started talking about the idea to improve a tent. At that time it was just fun talking about a tent from the future.

It was 2008 when we took it serious and started to work to make the idea become reality.

The design was born out of the idea to create a whole new tent experience. The main aspect, it is an inflatable tent, so there are no poles. You just unroll and inflate it. The whole set up just takes about 2 minutes, the inflation about 1. After using it, you open the valves, it deflates, you fold it and are good to go. It makes camping less complicated, leaving more time to enjoy the real traveling experience.

During our development project we stumbled over the architect, designer and futurist Buckminster Fuller. “Bucky” had a great impact on the field of geodesic domes, a principle that we use for the inflatable structure of our tents. The geodesic design of our tents ensures, that stress gets distributed across the whole structure. Besides its great stability, geodesic domes offers a very efficient structure, they enclose the greatest volume for the least surface area.

We combine this geodesic principle with our inflatable technology and transform it into our IDG (Inflatable diamond grid) technology. This combination creates an enormous stability. We were very surprised, when we tested our prototypes for the first time.

After finishing our first product, the inflatable tent The Cave, we asked ourselves, what could comes next. What do we want HEIMPLANET to be?

We believe we will spend the next years, answering this question, but one thing we knew right away: We don´t want to be just a tent company.

HEIMPLANET should be a brand that enables people to travel the way it inspires us.

Traveling keeps you feeling alive. All your senses are alert and you are always expecting something new to happen. You constantly adjust to new situations, new people, new cultures, and new environments. There is less to rely on and more to discover. If you open up to the experience, you will learn not just about new things, but also about yourself. – Embrace the difference, join the moment and make yourself at home, wherever you go.

We believe this does not just apply to long trips, expeditions or special holidays. It´s something you can try to accomplish every day, wherever you go.

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