Feb 06 26

All You Need to Know about Outdoor Bug Zapper

There are enormous numbers of bugs, insects, flies, etc. that one has to deal with day in day out. Not only is the association with them is irritating but infectious as well. They leave their prey with redness, rashes, swelling and many a times fever and food poisoning too. They indeed have extreme allergies and health effects. When one is surrounded by such scenarios, one must turn to bug zappers to seek help in getting rid of these unwanted and uninvited guests. This device works on the mechanism of discharging electric signals to attract these bugs, and once they get attracted, they are killed by entangling them with electric high voltage trap. Bug zapper got its name from the zap sound it sends out to the bugs. They are available in both indoor and outdoor bug zapper models. 

Bug specific zappers 

The market is flooded with the different kinds of outdoor bug zappers. These were launched with the idea of handling different bugs with the kind of treatment they may not have become immune to. Some of these zappers are listed below:

  • Solar LED mosquito killer and repellent: These repellent are solar operated and gather their charging from the same. They are available in both portable and hanging models. The mechanism that enables its functioning is the brightness of the LED that attracts the flies, mosquitos, and insects and once they begin to gather, they get killed with the high voltage electrodes. They collect their charging in the daytime and are operational in the evening. The portable ones are nail-shaped to be screwed beneath the ground, and hanging ones are lamp shaped to infuse deception. 
  • Solar bug zapper mosquito, fly and insect killer lamp: Another bug zapper that is doing the rounds is one with a LED light sensor technology base. This zapper works mainly on mosquitos and flying insects and bugs which on getting attracted to this lamp are entrapped in it. This zapper again collects its power from the solar energy and automatically switches on at night. This zapper has, a superior quality lamp fixed within, to ensure it lasts long and hence promises durability. These zappers are light in weight and easy to install, thus by simply reading the instructions, one may install them on their own.
  • Solar mosquito and insect bug zapper killer light: There is another kind of light bug zappers available in markets, which reflect purple light to invite bugs closer, and once they get captivated they are killed immediately. Since it is made of stainless steel; it does not welcome oxidation and hence guarantees longevity. This zapper works on 2Watt power and is effective for the area between 10-20 square meters. The method it uses to kill the mosquitos is by imparting an electric shock to them. They are an ideal pick for gardens, parks, lawns, and yards. This zapper is solar driven; as well thus, one does not have to worry about charging it daily. 
  • Bugs and insect catcher: This one is not only unique and helpful in getting hold of insects, bugs, bees, etc. but also makes it twin beneficial as it encourages extraction of natural honey as well. They are very easy to use; one may put some attracting element like beer or sweet gel to invite these bugs and bees. Once they get collected, it can be easily removed with little guidance and help. 

Despite varied options available in the market, the entire concern boils down to one question, and that is how to select the most appropriate outdoor bug zapper. To put an end to the dilemma, one may consider following insights to pick the most suitable bugs repellent.

  1. Kind of bugs and insects: One of the deciding factors must be the kind of insects, bugs, and reptiles they are required for. Inspect carefully what are the bothering bugs and invest in bug specific repellents.
  2. Workability and recharging lookout: Another criterion that must be ensured is effectiveness and when it is required the most. Usually, they are highly efficient in the night hours; hence, they become a wise pick. Also solar driven are self-chargeable and promises longevity.
  3. Weather conditions: Indeed different bugs and insects breed in different weather conditions; hence, one may harness themselves preparing well in advance for the weather specific invaders. 
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Indeed the ill effects the bugs and insects leave behind are much more than the cost involved in getting these bugs zappers fixed. However, one must ensure that its price must match up with the quality and effectiveness it offers.