Jul 21, 2017 22

Chester Bennington

One of my fondest memories is of a long, hot day spent at Shoreline Amphitheater to addend Linkin Park's "Projekt Revolution" tour in 2007.

In our anticipation of the event, I have to admit that my friends and I were more excited to see several of the other bands on the tour: I'd recently fallen in love with Taking Back Sunday; no one in their right mind wouldn't have been hyped to party with the whack-jobs from Mindless Self Indulgence; and we were completely obsessed with Saosin.

After Linkin Park's set, though, it was undeniable which band had made the experience truly memorable. In fact, until I looked it up tonight, I didn't remember that we'd seen Saosin at all. What I'll never forget is Chester's showmanship and passion, and how he made such a large venue feel so small.

It's not a total shock that this happened - after all, Chester's demons were on full public display throughout his life. But that doesn't dull the hurt.

A recently released song from a different band, Bad Cop / Bad Cop, has had me thinking of the people in my life who have attempted or committed suicide, and I've been trying to think of a way to share it that might resonate with you all. Maybe it still won't, but it's all I have to express my feelings.

"I'm sorry you felt so alone, but you were wrong. I was with you. You were with me. I remember you."

RIP, Chester.