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My affection for unlikely material is an invitation to pause and appreciate the practice of sharing and preparing meals. How does a once Farrier’s rasp, then hunk of rusted metal end up an elegant and artful kitchen utensil? Each of my transformed objects is designed to enrich the cooking experience and open a dialogue about who we cook for and why. Each of my knives is made entirely by hand with the intention to bring people closer to each other and their food. Make each meal count by taking time to wonder and appreciate how far everything on our table has come and enjoy the nourishment you receive from the people around you.

Chelsea Miller Knives is an exploration of familial tradition, ancient practice and imaginative reinvention. I grew up in rural Peacham, Vermont, the daughter of a blacksmith and carpenter. I moved to New York City in 2002 to enjoy a career in the arts, but in an attempt to connect with my ill father in 2010, I found both personal freedom and artistic expression through our knife making collaboration. Coached at first by my father and brother, then, later by skilled blade-smith Nick Anger of Johnson, Vermont, I began my trial and error journey designing and building these rustic, yet elegant knives.

Be aware that these knives are made from high carbon tool steel and will have a particular look and feel that is unlike traditional knives. My interest in this material is for its otherness, its personality, I encourage you to experience these knives as living art.

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