Apr 06, 2016 458

Moleskine Smart Writing Set- Transforms Paper Notes To Digital

A new set to help you create. Meet the Smart Writing Set and turn your sketches into digital prototypes


That works together with a smartpen and an App to instantly digitize notes and sketches made on paper.

Easily create digital text and images and share them right away with your smartphone or tablet.

The new Smart Writing Set is a system made up of three objects – the special Paper Tablet notebook, the smart Pen+ and a companion App – that enable you to digitally edit and share what you create on paper in real-time without taking a photo, uploading files, or scanning documents:

The Paper Tablet feels like a notebook but is purposely designed with extended rounded edges to look like a tablet.

The Pen+, a slim, aluminum pen with a hidden camera that traces and digitizes everything you write.

The free Moleskine Notes App for iPhone users and Neo Notes for Android users, a place to store notes and sketches that lets you share, export, edit and search them too.

Expand your ideas beyond the page. Smart Writing Set, a new way to organize your projects, meetings and files


A notebook with a distinctive design and rounded pages that project beyond the cover to mimic the shape and look of a digital tablet.

Thick, resistant 100 g/m² paper provides the perfect surface for writing and sketching.

The Paper Tablet uses invisible NCode™ technology by NeoLAB Convergence embedded within each page that allows the Moleskine Pen+ to recognize where it is inside the notebook and to transfer all your freehand notes from page to screen in real-time. It allows you to smoothly digitize, edit, organize and share handwritten notes and sketches made on the move for seamless integration between paper and cloud.

Smart Writing Set. A new system to create, edit and share.


The Moleskine Notes App / Neo Notes is the perfect complement to your Paper Tablet.

A place to keep, find, edit and share your digitized notes. When you use the Pen+ to write or draw on the Paper Tablet your strokes are simultaneously captured and transferred to the App. In the App, use tags keep your ideas organized. Edit your notes using colors to highlight key ideas or correct a mistake. Sync you content or ideas to your Google Drive and Evernote clouds to ensure your thoughts and documents are always connected. You can also pair your handwritten notes with real-time audio recording and replay your synced notes and voice recordings straight from the App.