Apr 09, 2016 618

Crafting Chelsea – Burberry's Long Heritage Trench Coat

Your trench coat has been made in England, by expert craftsmen and women, combining traditional techniques with modern technological developments.

Attention to detail

Every detail has been designed for a specific purpose. From the epaulettes, introduced to display military rank, to the distinctive storm shield, covering the upper back to ensure that water runs cleanly off the coat and away from the body.

The silhouette

The belt defines the shape of the coat, pulling in the waist and keeping out the wind. It is constructed and stitched so that its edges are clean and flat, its distinctive metal D-rings originally used to hang military equipment.

Skilled processes

Over 100 processes combine to craft the iconic design. The most intricate of these is the stitching of the collar: more than 180 stitches are hand-placed, joining the collar to the coat in a fluid curve to ensure it sits perfectly on the neck.

The finishing touches

Each coat is lined with the Burberry check – a badge of origin since at least the 1920s. From the colour of gabardine to the finished design, everything is thoroughly examined for accuracy and precision.

Art of the Trench

A celebration of our iconic trench coat, worn your way. A collection of international street-style images featuring the trench coat in a multitude of colours and styles - and cities.