Àplat is deeply rooted in a culture of friendship, where socializing is more than a verb but a life philosophy, and where generosity is a daily ritual.

Our Story

àplat launched in November 2014, by Industrial Designer Shujan Bertrand.

We are designing soft goods for people who care for what they cook, eat, drink and gift. For that reason we want our products to be simple and clever to carry, while riding a bike or commuting through the city. Using organic sustainable material and processes, the àplat pattern design is focused on zero waste when cutting raw materials.

- Designed and Made in San Francisco, California.

- 100% Organic Cotton Canvas

- Raw Denim is hand picked by the designer from San francisco factories.

- Sources and made in small batches.

- Zero waste on raw material.

- Washable and Reusable.

We support high quality and sustainable stages of production for food & products; supporting the slow-food and farm-to-table movement, and goods that are made to buy local.

In essence, àplat is more than a tote, it will carry great stories of unique moments of togetherness.

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well-made. versatile. sourced right.

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We have been handcrafting ceramic tile and tableware in California for over 60 years.

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